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    Steve SraderSteve Srader

    Fred I bought it from Kennedy violins ! Its a Nickola Zubak Soloist violin ! The more I play it the more I like it ! I went out as far as I could financially It will probably be my last violin It was about $1800.00 at the time !

    The Zubak Soloist Violins are primarily a Stradivarius design, and they are steeped in the traditions and materials from Eastern Europe. Crafted by a 3rd generation master luthier, every aspect of a Zubak instrument represents a homage to old world traditions while using modern technology for preciseness and consistency. Every Zubak violin is constructed of the finest woods from around the world. From Bosnian and Yugoslavian tone woods that are naturally aged 8-20 years to corner blocks made of European willow and hide glue construction, you will find that every component adds to its beauty and strong tone. The playing surfaces are carved with the utmost precision using fingerboards made from Madagascar Ebony, and the beauty of the violin is created using traditional materials such as Lavender oil, gum, and natural shellacs. Most players comment that the Zubak’s greatest attribute is its clear and resonate sound that is sweet. It is an extremely easy instrument to play because of its responsiveness and has a ringing quality for each tone that is produced. The G and D strings in particular have a very rich and colorful tambre. As the violin is “played in”, the sound not only gets sweeter, but exhibits much more individual character in all tone ranges as well. If there ever was a violin that makes the player feel more empowered to play on stage, this is it. Each Zubak violin is set up with the highest quality, professional French bridge, and great attention is focused into adjusting all aspects of the instrument. After much testing and searching, we are confident that you will agree that a Zubak violin easily surpasses any other instrument in this price range.


    Wow! I knew there was something about that violin that caught my attention. Thanks, Steve.

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